As a former FFA advisor, I got really excited when I found out that the 84th Annual National FFA Convention would be streamed live due to Alltech Ag Network’s sponsorship.  The convention is held in Indianapolis, IN. Oct. 19-22.  FFAers from across the country will be traveling by plane, train and big yellow bus for a week of leadership training, fellowship and renowned motivational speakers.

So, why does LIVE STREAMING excite me so much?

  •   The FFA is utilizing social media to share the National FFA Convention experience to more members.  They already have a Facebook page, Twitter account and a new blog.  I have subscribed to all of these and am very impressed with how they use social media to help spread news about agriculture and the largest youth organization in the country.  The convention has been aired by RFD-TV for quite some time, but most classrooms aren’t equipped with satellite TV or at least I know mine wasn’t.  I had to have a parent record the convention for me on DVD so I could share it with students who didn’t get to attend.  Now with live streaming members not able to attend the convention will have the opportunity to watch everything LIVE and experience the fun and excitement as if they were actually there.   I used to teach at a school where we had over 200 FFA members.  Could we take all 200 from Southwest Missouri to Indianapolis (a 10 hour bus ride)?…No!  It was a very competitive process to choose which members would be able to attend.  Many only had the chance once.  We could only take 30 each year.
  • Budget cuts have also been a huge issue in schools.  The school board at the school where I more recently taught voted to only allow our chapter to attend the National FFA Convention every other year.  It was very saddening when students found out that they wouldn’t be able to attend.  But now with the use of live streaming advisors from across the country will be able to lighten the moods a little when they tell their students they can simply log onto the internet and watch it all LIVE.  I also encourage members who get to attend to Tweet their experience with pictures and updates keeping those at home informed.

According to AgWired, iHigh.com expects this to be their largest telecast ever and went on to quote Billy Frey, general manager of the Alltech Ag Network in their recent blog. “Agriculture is taking the lead in communications, moving high tech to engage the world in its story… FFA is now harnessing this power, broadening its reach at a time when our growing population is moving increasingly far away from the stories of the farm and the origins of their food.”


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  1. I really enjoyed your post on the FFA and social media and technology. I was in FFA in high school and think it is a great program for students and it provides them with a lot of information about agriculture and with great experiences. It’s great to see the FFA and the Ag world embracing and utilizing technology and social media. There are so many ways for all the students to stay connected and learn about agriculture with social media.

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