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Yesterday might have been one of the longest days I have had in awhile.  We run a 350+ head cattle operation and yesterday was the day to work all the fall calvers, which is about 200 cows, and about half have already calved.  Now if you aren’t familiar with what it means to “work” cattle, let me briefly explain.  Working the cows means getting them all up in a corral and running them all through a chute to give them medicine to prevent internal and external parasites, as well as other vaccines to keep them healthy.  Calves have to be sorted off from cows and the whole process is very long and tiring.  We started when the sun came up and finally finished about 5 in the evening covered in “you know what” and sore from head to toe.  So, what does this have to do with anything?

Well when I got up this morning I found my iPhone and laptop were both dead.  This virtually never happens because I am always using them.  Then I started to realize that I didn’t touch either of these yesterday.  Living out in the middle of nowhere, I rely on the Internet to keep me up-to-date on everything going on locally and around the world.  I can’t believe I spent an entire day with no Facebook, Twitter, Fox News app or blog reading.  I had no idea what my friends did yesterday or if the cattle markets changed any.  I have to admit I am addicted to social media.  I have TweetDeck downloaded on my computer and use the app version on my phone, so I am constantly getting updates.  I wonder if I could survive if I had to go longer than a day without social media.  Could you?

A couple of years ago I would be able to answer yes without any hesitation.  Facebook was just a fun way to stay connected, but today social media has turned into a form of marketing, advertising and promotion we can all use free and easily.  Yes, I still use Facebook to stay connected with friends, but I use all forms of social media to promote my business (beef cattle) and find out what is happening in the world of agriculture.  It’s obvious it didn’t kill me to be deficient in social media for a day, but it might take me a couple of days to catch up on lots of missed reading.


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  1. I lost my iPhone for be about 12 hours Thursday night while working and I was a little bit flustered! Not only was I worried about the cost of a new phone, but I felt disconnected to everyone around me! I couldn’t contact my family, friends, or boyfriend. I think I was most upset about all the information on my phone that was at that time, no longer to my disposal, and possibly to the disposal of a thief! I keep everything from class notes, to networking contact information, to inspirational quotes, to recipes on that little iPhone of mine.

    Fortunately I found it the next morning with my boss, but I too am very attached to my iPhone. Once you go Smartphone, you never go back.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Smartphones have changed my life and I couldn’t imagine life without it. Two years ago my iPhone was stolen at a wedding and I had to go to the closest AT&T store the very next day to get it replaced. The sad thing was insurance doesn’t cover lost or stolen and I wasn’t ready for un upgrade, but you can’t put a price on happiness!!

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