I See $$ In Your Future

I just came across an article on Mashable that really caught my attention.  And when I say caught I mean it has to be something big.  I follow Mashable using Google Reader and those who do also will agree that they post a lot of things about social media and technology, so much that I simply skim titles and only read the ones that catch my attention or on a topic I am interested in.  So, what you might ask caught my attention…$$!  That’s right it was about an easy way for us all to make some extra cash.

According to Mashable, Automattic, the company who produces WordPress.com and Federated Media has come together to give bloggers using WordPress.com the ability to place ads on their blogs.  Ben Parr, blogger for Mashable, said, “The partnership will allow brands to advertisers to target participating WordPress.com site owners in order to reach the audiences that are relevant to them.”

As of the moment I wrote this WordPress.com has 63,005,672 WordPress sites and host about half of this number.  Over 306 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month and WordPress.com users produce about 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments on an average day.  I would think advertisers would be knocking at many bloggers doors for the chance to tap this niche market. 

Although they have not released how much bloggers will profit from this; in my opinion I don’t get anything now, so a little is better than that.  But could there be a downside to ads on blogs we read?

The one that pops into my head are busy sites that take away from the content.  I appreciate a blog that is clean and easy to read.  While this is a minor complaint on a otherwise great idea, I would hate for readers to turn up their noses to a blog because of the ads getting in their way of an easy read.

I for one am not banking on the whole blog thing making me money, but I know there are many out their that already do and now many more can.


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